Top 3 Routes around Menorca by car


Next vacation to Menorca in sight? We have all the information you need. And if it is not your first time on the island, you will already know that the car is the best way to move around its approximately 700 km². Spectacular coves and beaches, lively towns and small fishing villages, lighthouses on cliffs, rich natural areas … the charms of Menorca are indisputable and, so you do not miss any of them, we offer in this article 3 routes around Menorca by car.

Roads in Menorca

Despite the efforts of the local authorities to promote public transport, the car is the best way to get from one point to another in this corner of the Balearic Islands. It only takes 45 minutes from one end to the other, about 50 kms that separate Mahón, in the southeast, from Ciudadela, in the northwest, on the Me-1, the main road. In addition, Menorca has other roads in good conditions that communicate the rest of the towns and that approach to the main tourist attractions and to the beaches and coves of the north and the south. There are also smaller trails and roads that offer very interesting routes. Therefore, to move around freely and get where you want to go when you want to go, the car will be an inseparable companion.

Renting a car in Menorca: some advices

If we have not gone by ferry and with our own vehicle, the ideal is to rent a car in Menorca.
rent a car in Menorca
. Given the large number of visitors who opt for this alternative every year, there are many car rental companies on the island, so the supply of vehicles and prices is also immense. However, as specialists in car rental in Menorcafrom
Paco Cars
we give you some tips that will be of great help:

  • If you are traveling in high season, book your rental as soon as possible.. This way you will not only be sure to find the car you want, but you will also find it for the best price. In our
    we have offers and promotions that you can’t miss.
  • For the best prices, rent outside the airport.. Our office is only 5 minutes by shuttle bus from the airport, which allows us to adapt our prices much more. Access is very quick and easy, so in a few minutes you will be on your way to your destination.
  • The more days you stay in Menorca, the better prices you can find. Search for weekly rental offers and you will achieve very tight budgets. You can also rent by the hour if you only need the vehicle for specific moments.
  • Make sure that the car you rent meets your needs. of passenger and luggage space and that it has the extras you require. Of course, pay attention to the type of insurance contracted and the other aspects of the contract such as mileage, number of drivers, etc.
  • The driving in Menorca is calm and in high season it is better to leave with time to arrive to the places since in the most famous coves there is parking but it is usually filled quickly.

With all these
tips to rent a car in Menorca
and after searching and comparing well, you are now ready to carry out your route by cara good option to make the visits that you wish.

What to see in Menorca

Menorca was declared a
Biosphere Reserve
in 1993 by Unesco, which makes its coastline, currently protected, shows a great beauty far from the urban overcrowding of other places.

For this reason, its white sandy coves and transparent waters with a rich seabed are one of the main attractions to visit Menorca by car.
to visit Menorca by car
. Also its wilder beaches of the northern zone, some of which are semi-deserted, are worth a visit. Snorkeling, scuba diving, boat rides or walks along the Camí de Cavalls that surrounds the coast are some of the things to see (and do) in Menorca but not only that. You can also visit its cities savoring them calmly, stopping at their markets and tasting their typical gastronomy such as cheeses and lobster stew. Both in Citadel as in Mahon it is a pleasure to get lost in its historic centers and stroll through its ports, the latter one of the largest natural harbors in the Mediterranean with 6 km in length. Next to Mahon we also find the Fortress of La Mola and the Es Castell, with pleasant terraces and beautiful views of Isla del Rey. In addition, traditional festivals such as the Jaleowhich is celebrated in most of the municipalities, receive thousands of visitors every year and its Talayotic route is also of cultural interest to the traveler.

In Menorca there is also a place for green nature and anyone who wishes to can climb the Mount Toro and have the best views of the entire island or escape to the Albufera del Grao Natural Park.where you can walk along its trails, watch birds and enjoy its biodiversity. As you can see, Menorca has no end and no matter how many times you visit, you will always end up discovering new places.

The best routes around Menorca by car

Although there are thousands of places to discover in Menorca, a few days are enough to get an idea of what this Balearic island has to offer. We believe that the ideal stay is a minimum of one week but if you only have 3 to 5 days it can be a good start to stay with a good taste in your mouth. We give you some ideas of the best routes around Menorca by car so you don’t miss anything if you have little time.

3 Routes by car in Menorca

For beach lovers, for sportsmen, for those who want to go shopping, for gourmets, for those who want to immerse themselves in the most traditional essence of the island? Menorca offers a thousand and one ways to have fun. At Paco Cars we know the island kilometer by kilometer and that’s why we wanted to summarize some of its main attractions in these 3 car routes in Menorcatrying to cover as much as possible. However, you can always expand with nearby places or leave aside the proposals that you find less interesting. The secret to a perfect vacation is to personalize it as much as possible. Shall we start?

1. Route through the most famous coves of Menorca

The first of the routes by car in Menorca that we propose you can only be to the most famous coves of the island. Depending on where you are staying, you will have to calculate the time of departure to find a parking space in the parking lot, since during the months of
summer in Menorca
there are quite a lot of people and they are very crowded.

First of all we advise you to go early in the morning to Turqueta Covein the south and about 11 km from Ciudadela, a spectacle for the senses. From there, if you feel like walking you can get in 40 minutes to the beach of Es Talaier, small but charming. After that, we recommend you to take the car and go to Macarella Cove and Cala Macarelleta for which you will have to turn back and take the detour to this area, it will take about half an hour at most. At sunset we give you several alternatives such as going for a walk in Ciudadela if you still do not know it or to a lighthouse such as the one at Artrutx in Cala en Bosc to watch the sunset.

2. Southern beaches and an unforgettable sunset.

The second of the routes through Menorca by car that we propose you will also take you through the southern beaches but this time with a stop in a town that will bewitch you: Binibeca. We suggest you start your day at Mitjana CoveYou can walk from one cove to the nearest ones to the west of Cala Galdana. You can also choose to enjoy a long and relaxing beach such as the one at Son BouThe hotel is located approximately 38 km from Ciudadela and 20 km from Mahón. From there you can go to spend the afternoon at Binibeca and Punta Prima to return to Cala en Porter and the Cova d’en Xoroione of the best places in Menorca to see the sunset.

3. Route by car in the north of Menorca

Of course, we can’t avoid offering one of the Menorca routes by car through the north of the island, enjoying the spectacular Pilar CoveIt is reached by the main road and a detour at km 34. To access it can only be done on foot and you have to leave the car well before and walk about 45 minutes through a beautiful landscape. After a few hours in it, we recommend you to go to Pregonda Coveto the beach of Cavalleria and visit the lighthouse of the same name. End the day with dinner at Fornells will be a perfect plan.

And so far our proposal of routes around Menorca by car. We hope they will help you when you are planning your vacation on this wonderful island. And of course, if you need a rent a car in Menorca we are here to help you, we offer you the best vehicles at the best prices and without surprises.
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your doubts and we will give you more information.

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