Menorca by motorcycle or car: What to choose for your next vacation?


There are only a few months left for your long-awaited vacations and it’s time to tie up all the details. One of them -and perhaps one of the most important- is to decide how you are going to move around the island: Is it better to travel Menorca by motorcycle or car? What is more convenient and economical? What are the advantages of each type of transport? We very often encounter these questions in our offices and, as specialists in the field of car rentals in MenorcaWe give you all the keys with the pros and cons so that you can make a clear and safe decision. Read on and discover all the details to visit Menorca in the best way and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

How to move around the island of Menorca? Motorcycle, car, public transportation…

Menorca has an area of about 700 km², smaller than neighboring Mallorca but larger than Ibiza and Formentera. Crossing it from side to side takes about 45 minutes by car by road, a quite manageable time that allows you to get to know it well but… how to move around the island? If we stick to the great amount of cars that are rented every year in Menorca, we can say that the car is the favorite option of the tourists. However, there is also the possibility of traveling by public transport, renting a motorcycle or moving from cove to cove by boat. These are the possibilities:

  • Menorca by carRenting a car in one of the dozens of rental offices on the island or taking your own vehicle on the ferry is the most popular option. The car brings freedom, comfort, safety… We will see its advantages later on.
  • Renting a motorcycle: Getting a motorcycle (or ferrying our own) is the best way to rent a motorcycle. alternative that some people choose for their vacations in Menorca. It is not a bad idea, but there are some aspects to be taken into account, which we will discuss in the following points.
  • Public transportation network: This island has a fairly complete public transport network that connects by bus the main cities such as Mahón, Ciudadela, Fornells, etc. and the most important towns. It also connects all these points to the airport on an extended schedule, especially in the high season. The main problem of getting around by bus is that it does not reach many coves and hidden corners, so if you do not have your own vehicle you will miss much of the essence of the island. The cab is the perfect alternative for specific moments and, above all, to return to the accommodation at night.
  • On foot and by bicycle: Menorca has a historic trail that circles the entire coastline, the.
    Camí de Cavalls
    which can be covered on foot or by bicycle to reach the most special spots that cannot be reached in any other way.
  • By boat: Another of the most suggestive alternatives to move around the island of Menorca is to do it by boat, going from cove to cove and docking in the best ports to visit the cities. Renting a boat for a day is one of the leisure possibilities provided by the
    summer in Menorca
    to discover it from the sea.

Roads in Menorca

Roads in Menorca are in very good conditions. The most important road is the Me-1 which crosses the entire island from Mahón, which is in the southeast, to Ciudadela, located in the northwest. It is only 50 kilometers to go from one town to another passing through municipalities such as Alaior, Es Mercadal and Ferrerías. In addition to this main road, in Menorca we have the Me-7 that connects Mahón and Fornells, the Me-12 that goes from Mahón to Cala en Porter or the Me-22 that connects Ferrerías with Cala Galdana. From all these main roads there are secondary roads leading to towns and coastal areas. As there is no road around the island along the coast, to get from one cove to another you have to backtrack to the main roads and take narrower roads.

In Menorca it is very common to travel by motorcycle or car along ancient roads and trails, some of them of Roman, medieval or British domination in the eighteenth century but that have been restored and are in perfect condition.

Vacations in Menorca: car vs motorcycle

Returning to the objective of this article and once you know how it is possible to move in Menorca and which is the state of its roads, let’s see if it is better to go by car or motorcycle. Both give us freedom of movement and schedules, comfort and full availability, but they have some different characteristics that are worth mentioning.

As in everything, the first thing we want to say is that there is not a better or worse vehicle but that both the car and the motorbike are both the car and the motorcycle are suitable to move around Menorca.. However, depending on the needs, the time of the year, travel, etc., one or the other is more appropriate.

Touring Menorca by motorcycle: Advantages and disadvantages

Renting a motorcycle can be a good alternative to a car in three cases: if you are used to drive kilometers on it, if you go alone or as a couple or if during your stay you only want to enjoy a part of the island and make short trips near your accommodation. These are the advantages of touring Menorca by motorcycle:

  • The motorcycle is more economical than the car. Renting a
    in Menorca is cheaper than a car, you will also spend less on fuel and save on insurance and parking.
  • Parking is easier to find. In August the parking lots of the most crowded beaches are full early in the morning, but if you go by motorcycle you can find a space without any problem.
  • Enjoying the scenery. Many of the roads of Menorca have a great charm so riding a motorcycle ensures an unforgettable experience among the vegetation and its 100% Mediterranean atmosphere.

As for the disadvantagesThe motorcycle is not the ideal vehicle if you go for a week and you want to know Menorca completely. The distances are too long if you intend to go from east to west or from north to south continuously on roads and tracks, some of them dirt and rocky, which makes driving difficult.

Discomfort is the main disadvantage of renting a motorcycle in Menorca.. In addition, temperatures in the summer months are usually high, and sometimes windy, so after a day at the beach, getting on the bike may not be the most desirable plan. On the other hand, when renting a scooter it is more complicated to carry luggage or backpacks with the necessary for a day at the beach. Finally, driving a motorcycle at night on some of the roads in Menorca can be dangerous as many of them are not illuminated.

Touring Menorca by car: Advantages and disadvantages

Most visitors to Menorca use the car to get around its towns, villages and beaches. What are the advantages of a car over a motorcycle? We look at them one by one:

  • Convenient travel. All the comfort of an air-conditioned or heated vehicle is assured to move around the island whatever the month and whatever the weather.
  • Carry all the luggage. Whether it is a day to day trip with a beach bag or a cooler with a cool drink or a suitcase to go to the airport, touring Menorca by car gives you the possibility to store all the luggage you need. Of course, if you are more than two people, the car is the best option.
  • Maximum safety. Although the motorcycle is also safe
    routes through Menorca by car
    is much more reliable with a vehicle that adapts to the road.

Among the disadvantages of the car in Menorca We highlight the difficulty of parking in the most crowded areas, which will force you to get up early if you want to go to the most beautiful coves. Another disadvantage is that the price of car rental in Menorca is higher in high season and if you do not make the reservation in time you can -even- run out of the model you want.

Rent a car in Menorca

As we can see, after analyzing the pros and cons of Menorca by motorcycle or carThe conclusion is clear: renting a car is one of the right options. Therefore, in Paco Cars we offer you a wide range of vehicles, from minis to 9-seater vans, that will make your stay on the island much more pleasant.

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