Discover the best beaches in Menorca to visit by car

The whole range of blues and greens awaits you along the 216 kilometers of coastline. 216 kilometers of coastline that have the best beaches of Menorca. Declared
Biosphere Reserve
This Balearic island is a protected jewel, which keeps it away from large urban overcrowding. This also means that there is no road to go along the coast. You will have to get in the car and know the road map very well to get as close as possible to the beaches and coves you want.

The best way to get to know all these places is by car, as it is a small, comfortable and easy-to-drive island. If you need
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What to consider when touring the best beaches in Menorca by car?

Before embarking on this adventure of
touring Menorca by car,
you must take into account these advices:

  • To go to the beaches it is necessary to take the main roads as the Me-1 or Me-15 or secondary roads to the parking lots closest to the cove you want to visit.
  • In August, it is essential to leave early to find parking space of the most famous beaches. During the summer in Menorca there is a large influx of vehicles. Before arriving, it is indicated if the parking lot is full, in which case it is better not to access so as not to create traffic jams on the roads. The solution is to come back another time or another day to see if there is better luck.
  • To access many of the coves you have to walk a minimum of 10-15 minutes. a minimum walk of 10-15 minutes from where the car is left. An unforgettable experience is to walk the Camí de Cavalls from one cove to another in search of the one you like the most. Therefore, wearing comfortable shoes is essential to discover the best beaches of Menorca.
  • In most of the coves, especially the most secluded ones, there are no lifeguards or lifeguard posts. so common sense is the best ally.
  • If you are going to spend the day from beach to beach you should take with you fresh water and food as many of them do not have beach bars and are far from any bar or store.

The most beautiful beaches in Menorca: north or south?

It is surprising how the geography of an island can change so much in so few kilometers, and the beaches in the north and south are very different from each other. Where are the most beautiful beaches in Menorca? Everything will depend on the tastes of each person: the beaches in the north of Menorca are wilder, steeper, with coarse sand, more waves and less frequented. The southern ones are paradisiacal, with fine white sand and crystal-clear waters, although they are usually more crowded.

Our advice is that you prepare several
routes around Menorca by car
to be able to visit some beaches in the north and some in the south, so you can draw your own conclusions and decide where you want to go for the rest of your vacations.

The 8 best beaches in Menorca

It is clear that Menorca is a paradise for lovers of the sea and tranquility. Each of its beaches is unique and it is difficult to choose just a few. Even so, these are the 8 best beaches in Menorca:

Turqueta Cove

It is one of the most famous and most crowded in the months of July and August but, even so, the Turqueta Cove does not lose an ounce of charm. Located in the south, this cove of turquoise and transparent waters and very fine sand is located 10 kilometers from Ciudadela, where you have to pass if you come from Mahón. The car can be left in a public parking lot 15 minutes walk from the beach. Cala en Turqueta has a semicircular shape and is flanked by stone cliffs and a magnificent pine forest that reaches the sand offering a typical landscape of the Menorcan coast.

Macarella and Macarelleta coves

Located 14 kilometers from Ciudadela, the big sister and the little sister are postcard beaches. During the summer, access by car is not allowed, in order to preserve the natural wealth of the area. You can leave the car some distance away and go hiking from Cala en Turqueta. or from Cala Galdana. At Macarella you will find restaurant and services. Macarelleta is to the west and is easily accessible by walking along the coast. Its landscapes, large cliffs and numerous sailboats are truly idyllic.

Tortuga Beach of Menorca

On the north coast, the mix of greens (due to the vegetation) and blues (due to the sea) that offers Tortuga Beach has no equal. It is one of the best beaches of Menorca for its incredible landscape and for the fantastic views of the Favàritx lighthouse. It is part of S’Albufera des Grau, which is a specially preserved area, and has a very open profile with sand and gravel. This fantastic beach is 17 kilometers from Mahón. During the summer, access by car is not allowed, but this is not an impediment to visit them. You can park it in Faváritx and walk 2 km from there. kilometers along the coast to the cove.

Pilar Cove

If you fall in love with the north of Menorca, the Pilar Cove will be a great find. The 1 hour walk from the parking site will be worth it. Rugged, virgin and solitary, its reddish and wild sand will be love at first sight.

Cavalleria beach in Menorca

The Cavalleria Beach will be a pleasure for the senses. At 9 kilometers from Es Mercadal, it is a stretch of virgin coastline quite wide of more than 500 meters long with coarse sand and is usually quite full in summer. It is exposed to the Tramuntana so it is ideal to visit when the wind blows from the south. Cavalleria Beach is also perfect for snorkeling and to see some of the marine animals typical of the area.

Santo Tomás Beach

The Santo Tomás beach is one of the urban beaches of the island and is surrounded by hotels and housing developments. Its length and comfort place it in this ranking. In addition to having transparent and calm waters, it has many services such as sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, restaurant, showers… Santo Tomás is located 5 kilometers from Es Migjorn Gran and parking is available nearby.

Binigaus Beach

Very close to Santo Tomás, we have the beach of BinigausA piece of quiet and pleasant paradise of several kilometers of crystal clear waters and fine sand. The pine forest that surrounds it reaches almost to the shore and is a perfect environment to go with children because it is very flat and has little depth. The back part of Binigaus is occupied by a dune system and farmland.

Punta Prima Beach

At 6 kilometers from San Luis and in the most eastern part of the south of Menorca, is situated Punta PrimaA beach with a large influx of locals, tourists and multiple services. From its shore you can see the island of l’Aire and has a moderate swell due to the exposure to the wind. Arriving by car to Punta Prima and spending the day there is very easy as it is perfectly signposted and parking can be found in the surrounding urbanization.

Touring the beaches of Menorca by car gives you the opportunity to get close to all these wonders and spend an unforgettable vacation by the sea. You have to do it in the hands of a company of the highest quality.
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