• Vehicle stickers (per sticker): 30 €.
  • Vehicle documentation: 30€.
  • Tray: official valuation depends on the model of the vehicle.
  • Spare tire: official valuation depends on the vehicle model.
  • Antenna: 30 €.
  • Emergency triangles: 30 €.
  • Vest: 20 €.
  • Puncture/wheel repair kit: 100 €.
  • Outrigger, webbing, cable tie (vans): €30
  • Trolley for transporting goods (vans): € 150
  • In case of breakage, loss, theft or robbery of the keys of the rented vehicle, PACO RENT will apply a penalty of minimum 302.50 € plus a penalty for the time that the vehicle cannot be used, which will be at least equivalent to one day’s rental according to the daily rate in force at that time.


  • Flat tire repair charge: 150€.
  • Workshop hourly rate: 58,08€.
  • In case of wrong refueling, PACO RENT will apply a penalty of a minimum of 490 € and a maximum that can reach the value of the total franchise of the vehicle depending on whether there has been engine breakdown (official valuation).
  • In case of external damage to the vehicle, PACO RENT will apply a minimum of 350€ per repaired and painted part. The amount may be higher if the valuation of an official workshop so indicates. In the case of vans, the minimum amount will be 450€.
  • In the case of broken, lost or damaged parts or accessories, the cost of the original part + a minimum cost of 2 hours/workshop for installation will be applied.
  • Administrative fee for damages: €50
  • Towing service. It may vary depending on the distance and location, the minimum amount for crane use is 302,50€.