Touring Menorca by car: tailor-made vacations


If you have arrived until here it is because you are thinking about traveling to Menorca in your next vacations and you are looking for information to enjoy this island by car. Well, here’s one conclusion: to go through Menorca by car is an excellent idea. However, you should know some details to do it in the best way and make the most of your stay.

Menorca has an enormous natural, cultural and gastronomic wealth, with beautiful coves of turquoise waters, charming white fishing villages and lighthouses, traditional festivals such as the Jaleo and cities full of atmosphere in which to get lost. For all these reasons and much more, this island is a memorable destination to enjoy leisurely driving around for several days.

In this article we tell you the keys to this type of vacation, adding the benefits of
rent a car Menorca
and giving you some tips to have a trip without limits.

Menorca by rental car

Although you can access by ferry taking your own car, often the most practical option is to travel by plane and rent a car in Menorca. rent a car in Menorca for the days you are going to be there. This is the preferred case for travelers arriving from different parts of the interior of Spain and even from the rest of Europe.

In fact, like all the Balearic Islands, this island is perfectly adapted to the car, since of the millions of tourists that
millions of tourists that it receives every year
(even in times of pandemic) a large majority rent a car. For this reason, Menorca has a wide range of vehicles and has many rental agencies such as Paco Cars so if you hire it in time you can benefit from offers and promotions at a very good price. Don’t miss our article with the best tips for car rental in Menorca where we tell you all the details. Choosing the perfect vehicle will be very easy with our tips.

The roads of Menorca

Menorca has a surface area of 701.80 km² and its road network is road network is very easy to interpret. The most important road in Menorca is the Me-1 which crosses the whole island from Mahón, in the southeast and where the airport is located, to Ciudadela in the northwest. Less than 45 minutes and 50 kilometers is what it takes from one end to the other passing through the most important towns such as Alaior or Es Mercadal. In addition to this main road there is the Me-7 that connects Mahón and Fornells and from both of them there are other secondary roads to villages and coastal areas such as Cala en Bosc, Cala Galdana, Santo Tomás, Binibeca or San Luis.

Like there is no road around the island along the coast, there is no road around theTo get from one point to another, it is necessary to go back to the main roads and take secondary and narrower roads. In Menorca it is common to drive through old roads and trailsSome of them are of Roman, medieval or British domination in the eighteenth century but have been restored and are in perfect condition.

The natural landscape and the conservation of the environment, declared a “Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO in 1993, make driving through Menorca while contemplating its surroundings a unique experience.


Moving around Menorca with other means of transport

It is clear that touring Menorca by car is not only the best option but almost the only one if you want to enjoy the island in all its splendor. You may ask yourself, Is it possible to move around Menorca with other means of transport? Can I rent a motorcycle? No public transportation? The answer is yes to all three questions.

Renting a motorcycle can be a good alternative to the car in two cases: if you are used to drive miles on it or if during your stay you only want to enjoy a part of the island and make short trips. This type of vehicle is not ideal if you intend to go from east to west or from north to south continuously on roads and trails, as some of them are dirt and rocky.

Regarding the question about public transport, yes, Menorca has a public transport network. public transport network It is quite complete, connecting by bus the main cities and towns and the airport, but it does not reach many coves and hidden corners. Apart from the car, the ways to access these places can be by cab, perfect if you do not want to drive at night, on foot along the Camí de Cavalls -or by bike for the more daring- and from the sea by renting a boat.

Why touring Menorca by car is the best option

As you will see, although we give you other possibilities, driving around this Balearic island is always the best option. to make the most of your vacation. Here are three more reasons:

Possibility of reaching more places

Yes, the main reason to travel Menorca by car is that with it you will be able to reach almost every corner in a short time and spending little money in fuel. In many cases, as you know, it is not possible to access the coves by car, but you can leave it in the nearest parking lots.

Comfort for the whole family

Luggage, umbrella, towels, cooler with food and drinks for the day (remember that in many coves there are no bars or other services)… If you need to transport all this, nothing better than to do it in your own vehicle. Not to mention if you travel to Menorca in the months of July and August, with the heat after a day in the sun you will be grateful to have the air conditioning at hand.

Freedom of schedule and movement

Having a car at your disposal in Menorca allows you to move from one point to another continuously without depending on anything more than your desire to drive. Thus, taking into account that the distances are not very long, you will be able to make several excursions in the same day and change your plans on the spot, creating a 100% personalized and tailor-made vacation. Every day in Menorca will be worth two.

5 Practical tips for touring Menorca by car

  1. Get a map of the road network and points of interest. Yes, carrying a cell phone is all well and good, but there won’t always be coverage to check the routes. To avoid getting lost and to be always located, it is best to download the maps to be able to access offline or, why not, take with you the paper map of a lifetime.
  2. Plan routes in advance. To make the most of the days you are going to have the rental car in Menorca, make a plan with everything you want to see. You can divide the island into several nearby areas and spend each day in one of them. For example: Fornells and northern beaches, Cala Macarella, Cala Mitjana and the southern beaches, Mahón and Es Castell area… Always leave a margin to improvise because maybe the Tramuntana blows and some beaches are impossible or maybe you want to stay longer with a pomada or a wine watching the sunset on a cliff.
  3. Be respectful of the natural environment. As mentioned above, Menorca stands out for its balance between tourism development, resource consumption and the conservation of its natural and cultural heritage. Therefore, as a visitor by car, you must take care of this habitat, polluting and leaving as little waste as possible, driving on marked roads and paths and parking in the places designated for this purpose.
  4. Go to the sites ahead of time. In high season parking in Menorca is sometimes complicated, especially in the most famous coves and tourist areas. Therefore, sometimes you will have to get up early and get to the sites very early if you don’t want to miss them. Also make sure that parking is available at or near your accommodation.
  5. Rent a car that will be practical for you. As experts in car hire in Menorca, at Paco Cars we know that both SUV and compact vehicles have advantages. The former will be great for trails but may be too wide, and the smaller cars will be perfect for parking anywhere. The choice will have to be based on the amount of luggage you carry, the number of people you are and the budget you want to spend.

Have we cleared up all your doubts? You are now closer to traveling Menorca by car on your next vacation. Now you just need to book the rental car that best suits your needs on our website and we will be happy to do our bit to make your stay perfect.

Paco Cars
we offer you the best vehicle at the best price, with no last minute surprises or small print. If you have any questions about our cars or services, contact us by phone or e-mail and we will help you. We want your experience on our beloved island to be unforgettable.

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