5 tips for renting a car in Menorca

The natural wealth of Menorca, its white sandy coves and turquoise water, its fishing villages, its magical Citadel and its traditional festivals make this destination one of the favorites for the summer. But to enjoy all of them calmly and without missing a single detail, renting a car is practically the only option. For this reason, we give you 5 tips for car rental in Menorcaso you can enjoy your vacations with complete freedom and without timetables.


There is no doubt that the car is the best means of transport to visit this corner of the Balearic Islands. And the fact is that Menorca is a relatively small islandThe route can be traveled from east to west in 45 minutes. Less than 50 km separates Mahón, in the southeast, from Ciudadela, in the northwest, on the island’s main road, the Me-1. Apart from this, the rest are small roads and paths -some of them dirt roads- that lead to the different towns and beaches in the north and south. However, although the rental car is essential, in many cases it is necessary to leave the car in the parking lot and go in search of the best coves on foot through the Camí de Cavallsthat surrounds the island along the coast.

That said, if you are planning your next vacations to Menorca, don’t miss our car rental tipsThe requirements to be able to make the contract as well as all the possibilities that you have on the island. Like specialists in car rentalWe offer you all the keys to find the best vehicle at the best price, saving you possible surprises.

Car rental requirements

Before you get down to work with the car search, we tell you what are the requirements for car rental in Menorca. requirements for car rental in MenorcaThese are the same as in any other place, but you have to be very clear about them. They can be summarized as follows:

  • Valid driver’s license. It is necessary to have a B license in order to rent a vehicle on the island and you must also carry the original license, as provisional, expired, copies, etc. are not accepted. Some companies require a minimum age of 21 years with 2 years of driving experience. Each company has its own requirements regarding the age of the driver(s) and years of experience, so it is best to check before booking.
  • Present the ID card or passport as a form of identification of the driver or person making the contract.
  • Have a credit card to make the reservation and payment. Most commonly, the cardholder will be the same person who signed the rental contract, who in turn will pick up the car at the office and sign the contract.
  • Leave a deposit or bond. A certain amount will be retained when the contract is made and will be returned when the rental car is delivered.
  • Sign an insurance policy. To formalize a car rental it is essential to sign an insurance policy, whether basic or more complete, with or without excess. You will have to make sure of its characteristics and coverage.

What do I need to know when renting a car?

As we can see, the best option to visit Menorca is to rent a car.. After booking flights and accommodation, the next step is to look for a vehicle to travel with during your vacation. To begin with, you should determine how many days you are going to need it and look for possibilities and offers for weekend rentals, weekly rentals and even monthly rentals.

There are numerous companies since it is a very popular destination so it is best that if you already know your travel dates you start looking for a car as soon as possible. You also have to think about which office is convenient for you to rent it from and in which area, as well as the type of rental car you are interested in with its possible accessories and extras (if there will be more drivers, the mileage per day allowed, the type of insurance, etc.). The more information you have before you start researching, the easier it will be for you to select from among all the cars available.

Tips for renting a car in Menorca: how to save money

As one of the biggest concerns of travelers is the budget, we give you some keys to cheap car rental in Menorca. keys to rent a cheap car in Menorca. Although it is not always easy, by following these step-by-step instructions, you can 5 car rental tips you’ll be closer to getting the one you want for a good price.

1. Book online in advance

Especially in high season like the summer months or long weekends, in Menorca there is a great demand for vehicles, so one of the best car rental tips we can give you is that you search and book online as soon as you know the dates of your trip.. Advance notice is essential since it is likely that if you leave it until the last minute you will not be able to access the model you want or you will have to pay really high prices. In fact, there may not even be any cars available.

At our web page you will be able to enjoy the best prices, select the dates and book your car hire in Menorca with just one click, this way you will be sure that when you arrive we have your car ready and waiting for you.

2. Check the offers

In such sought-after destinations there is usually a wide range of rental companies with a great variety of prices and conditions. Thus, it is advisable to go looking at the offers and comparing the prices for the different models. Nevertheless, if you rent your car in Menorca with Paco Cars you won’t have that need as we make sure to offer the best offer the best possible price and, in addition, we have discounts if you make the payment online so that when you pick up the car you only have to pay the supplements. Transparency is one of our differential values and you will always know what you are paying for and why.

3. Think about the duration of the car rental

It is clear that as in any type of car rental, the more days you rent it, the better prices you will get.. Therefore, although it is most common to rent a car for a week or a maximum of fifteen days of vacation, many companies offer scaled or month-long car rental plans. However, for long term rentals it is also necessary to make the reservation as early as possible.

4. Choose the location of the rental office

Another of our tips for car rental in Menorca is to choose well the location of the office of delivery and return of the vehicle. The most common is to pick up the car at the airport of Mahón since most of the companies are located there. However, we propose a very practical alternative that will allow you to save a few euros: if you rent a car outside the airport it will be much cheaper. In fact, Paco Cars is located 5 minutes away by car. shuttle bus from the airport, which allows us to adapt our prices much more. In addition, we have a great ease of access both for the collection of the car and to make the return without any problem and to easily access the airport to catch the return flight.


5. Select the rental car model

What type of car is best for Menorca? Do I go for an SUV or do I go for a compact vehicle? Both have some advantages as the former may be suitable for some of the less traveled roads while the smaller cars will go great for parking in cities and in crowded beach parking lots (which tend to fill up). Of course, the larger and the more features, the more expensive it will be to rent.

Apart from this, you also have to consider your needs: it depends on how many people you are, if you have children, a lot of luggage, etc. It is also important the number of days you are going to rent the car because in terms of comfort it is not the same to have it for a weekend than for a whole month.

Finally, together with the size of the car you will have to evaluate other features such as air conditioning, if it has gps, if you need a child seat, etc. All these features are usually displayed next to the vehicle at the time of booking, check them well so that you do not miss any detail.

With all this, you will have at your disposal the best vehicle at the best price.. And if you have any questions about these or other car rental tips, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. At Paco Cars we are here to help you make your experience in Menorca an unforgettable one..


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