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Car Rental in Menorca

If you are looking for a vehicle for your vacation this year, you are in the perfect place. At Paco Cars we have one of the best car hire services in Menorca. Meet each one of the models we have for you and get to know this wonderful part of the Mediterranean from the comfort of our vehicles.

Travel and discover the island from end to end, visit the incredible beaches and natural coves of this paradise and do it with all the guarantees and comfort of our vehicles. Hire your rental car in Menorca with Paco Cars, quickly, without any complications and at the best price. Your only concern will be to rest and enjoy.

- We deliver and pick up the vehicle at Menorca Airport at no additional cost.

-You can also pick up the car at our facilities in Mahón.

-We return the deposit in 24h.

-All vehicles are less than two years old and most are new.

-We use phone and whatsapp to be with you always.

Do you need a car rental service in Menorca? You have come to the right place. In Paco Cars we offer you the best car rental for your trip to the island of Menorca. Discover all the car models we have for you, check the flexible conditions of our service, and rent your car in an easy, fast, and, uncomplicated way.


It could be for business, although most come for leisure. Paradisiacal beaches and coves, crystal clear waters, nature, and charming towns and cities where you can taste the best gastronomy make this Mediterranean island a fantastic destination. And to discover it at your own pace, it is best to do it with a Pacocars vehicle. A car rental service in Menorca that offers you what you need:

  • We have a varied fleet of rental cars to suit all types of groups and travel plans. And, also, to all types of budgets.
  • The formalities to hire the vehicle are minimal and simple. You will be able to rent your car to Menorca without complications and enjoy it a few minutes after landing on the island.
  • Paco Cars is a local business that stands out for its proximity. Forget about the complex policies of the big chains.


Comfort, proximity, and service that adapts to you without great demands. This is what we offer you in Pacocars with our cheap car rental service for Menorca. So, you will only have to worry about living your trip to the island to the fullest.


Discover all the models among our wide range of rental cars in Menorca and hire yours for whatever you want. We have models of the main vehicles brands, ideal for the type of trip you want. Utility vehicles, cars, and vans with the best conditions and all the guarantees for you to enjoy travel and get to know the island.


If it is your first time on this wonderful Balearic island, you should know that driving a car in Menorca, whether it is a rental car or your own, requires some knowledge of certain aspects. Besides, you will have to respect the speed limits. As there are no highways or freeways, the limits you must respect when driving around the island are:

  • National roads: 100 km/h
  • Urban areas: 30 km/h
  • Residential areas: 20 km/h


At the same time, it is very common to use the Pacocars rental car to visit beaches and coves where access is not easy. You may encounter unpaved roads. At the same time, due to the great affluence of tourists who rent vehicles to move around, traffic jams in Menorca are common, since there is a lot of traffic and there are not many alternative roads to drive on.

Quality at the best Price

To offer you the best service, we have a modern fleet of cars in Menorca. At Paco Cars we have the latest models with the latest features. You will enjoy the most modern vehicles at a fair rental price and with all the guarantees to move most economically and safely.

Trust and Transparency

Our rental service is serious and transparent from start to finish. Because of our commitment to our customers, when you rent your vehicle, you will find all the information perfectly detailed. This is how we will help make your trip, besides being fun and relaxing, as safe as possible. You will only have to worry about enjoying an incredible destination.

Recommending and Planning

Every trip is different. So, if you let us know how many of you are coming and what you plan to do, we can help you decide. By having models of the best brands and so different from each other, we know what is appropriate in each case. Therefore, if you want, we help you to choose the car for Menorca that best suits you, your family and, of course, your pocket.