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What is franchising?

The deductible is the maximum amount you will pay in the event of loss, damage or theft. In other words, in case you return the rented vehicle with damages, you will always be responsible for paying the first 900€ of the total cost of the repair. In case the damage is assessed at 200€, you will have to pay 200€. Another example would be if you give a big blow to the vehicle and the repair has a cost of 4500€, you will have to pay the first 900€.

An important aspect about the deductibles is that the deductible is individual for each claim, that is to say, if you have several blows to the vehicle that have occurred at different times, each blow is a different deductible. For example, imagine that you rent a vehicle and on the first day you hit a column in a parking lot and on the second day you hit it on the side with a street element. If for example the repair of the first blow is 700€ and the cost of the second blow on the second day is 500€, you will have to pay 1.200€ since they are different deductibles.


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