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Plus Coverage in detail

The Plus Coverage is a comprehensive coverage with no excess. This means that you will be covered and will not have to pay anything in case of damage, loss or theft. This coverage is not included in the rental and has a cost that varies depending on the vehicle and the duration of the rental. If you want to know what price you will pay for the plus coverage, you can set up your rental quote here.

What is the difference between basic and plus coverage?

The difference is that with the basic coverage you have an excess of 900€ and with the plus coverage the excess is 0€. In other words, in case of damage your liability is 0€ instead of 900€.

Not everything goes, main coverage exclusions

  • In order for the coverage not to be invalidated, you must follow the rules of the road. For example, if you have consumed alcohol or drugs you will not be covered. Nor if you run a traffic light or stop sign.
  • If you drive on unpaved roads or private roads you will not be covered.
  • Damage caused intentionally
  • If the driver of the vehicle is not authorized in the rental contract
  • Unsafe driving practices
  • Exceeding the safety limit
  • Exceeding the maximum authorized weight
  • Using the wrong fuel

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